How do I add My Flights to my calendar?

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If you go to the app’s Settings, you’ll be able to activate the Calendar Sync. This allows you to add your flights to one or multiple calendars automatically. By default we mark those calendar items as “Busy” just in case you share your calendar with others – this way, not meetings will be booked at that time. You can easily change the calendar events after they’ve been exported.

The calendar export works as follows:

  • Once you’ve activated the feature, and selected the calendar you wish to export to, all flights will be added to the calendar.
  • As flights change due to delays, the calendar item should adjust accordingly.
  • If you use the app in more than one device, the calendar export won’t duplicate the calendar event, even if you have the feature active on more than one device.
  • You can easily tap on the URL in the calendar event to view to the specific flight or add to your Trip if it’s not in your FlightLogger account.
  • The calendar feature does not import flights into FlightLogger automatically.
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