Getting Started

How can I delete a flight or Trip?

There are two ways to remove flights from your app: 1. Automatically after they’ve landed after a period of time which you can set in the Settings area. We support multiple options from 1 to 24 hours after landing. 2. By…

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How are My Flights organized within a Trip?

We organize all flights you add on a per day basis. So if you have two or more flights in a single day, they’ll appear as a trip. Trips are organized in chronological order in the My Flights section. We…

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Can I have multiple Trips?

Yes. You can create Trips and add as many flights as you need. You can also move flights from one Trip to another.

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Why does my flight appear with a different Flight number?

That’s because you might have a booked your flight via a different carrier than the one that operates the flight. That’s called a “codeshare” in airlines lingo. Your flight number should appear in the flight details under the general section.

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Why can’t you scan my emails automatically as they are received in my inbox?

tldr; privacy. Other services require you to give them access to your email account. Then, they’ll automatically scan each and every email you get. Travel or not. We do not believe in doing this for security and privacy reasons. Our…

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How can I import my flights via email?

You can forward your emails to, and FlightLogger will process the email and add the flights found in the itinerary to your account.

To get started:

1. First, you need to add one or more emails from which you…

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How can I add a flight?

You can easily add flights in a number of ways: Search by airline and flight number; Search by departure and arrival airport and date or just typing what you need. You can type “MIA to JFK next Thursday”, “ AA…

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